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Locksmith Waalwijk

The lock specialist from Waalwijk and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Waalwijk

  • Always an experienced team
  • Warranty on a new lock
  • Only locks with SKG quality mark
  • Reliable and recognized
  • A solution for every problem
  • Always available emergency service
  • Help within 20 minutes
  • Numerous locks in stock

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Locksmith Waalwijk

Voted most reliable locksmith in Waalwijk e.o.

Would you like to use the services of a locksmith in Waalwijk and the surrounding area? Then you have come to the right place. We provide numerous services in the field of locks and also have an emergency service. We offer you the guarantee that we will always be present quickly if you have a lock problem that needs to be solved quickly. This way you can be sure that the problem will be solved quickly.


Locked out in Waalwijk

You are just outside talking to the neighbors and then the door closes behind you due to a gust of wind. In the event of a lockout, you can always approach our emergency service. This can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ensure that the technician leaves immediately and is at your doorstep within 20 minutes. The door can always be opened quickly and without a key.

  • Lock opens quickly
  • Professional way of opening
  • Lock is not damaged
  • Lockouts are considered emergencies
  • Emergency service available 24/7
Locked out in Waalwijk

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

If you want to use the services of the locksmith Waalwijk but do not know exactly what we can do for you, we recommend that you first take a look at our website. Here you will find all the services for which you can contact us.

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

Replace locks

Is it time to replace the lock in the front door? Then you can always call in one of our technicians for this. They replace many locks every day and therefore have extensive experience with this. Because most locks are in stock with us, a lock can be replaced immediately.

Open locks

Do you have a lock but no key? Then it is no problem for the locksmith to open the lock. Our technicians use special tools to open a lock without a key and ensure that the lock itself is not damaged. You can still use it afterwards.

Burglary protection

Is your home not extra protected against burglary and does that make you feel unsafe? Then call in the locksmith Waalwijk to install good burglary prevention. This costs something, but then you also have something. Your home is well protected against burglary and your belongings are immediately a lot safer.

Multi-point lock

Do you want to have a new lock placed on the front door? Then be sure to check whether a multi-point lock is suitable. You only need one key to operate such a lock and the door is anchored in several places at the same time when you turn the key in the lock.

Express service

Are you locked out? To be able to get back in as soon as possible, please contact the emergency service of the locksmith Waalwijk. This service is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can always call us for a lock problem that is urgent.

Core pulling protection

Nowadays, new cylinder locks have a core pull protection as standard. This ensures that core pulling from the outside is made impossible. If the locks in your home are not yet due for replacement, you can also have a core pull protection installed on an existing lock. This gives the same safe effect.

The mechanics of locksmith Waalwijk

Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have a good solution for every lock problem. They are always quick to provide assistance.

Locksmith Waalwijk accessible to everyone

Would you like to have a problem with a lock solved by a locksmith in Waalwijk? Then we are always there for you. We will make sure that you receive a quote in advance for the job we are going to do. This also applies to lock problems where it is urgent to solve them. You will then receive the quote by telephone so that you immediately know what the job will cost you. All quotations that we prepare are without obligation. With us you are therefore never obliged to accept an offer.

Locksmith Waalwijk accessible to everyone

We solve all kinds of problems with your lock in Waalwijk and the surrounding area

Problems with locks come in all kinds. For example, you may have lost your keys and can no longer enter, but a lock can also simply break.

  • You have a broken key in the lock.
  • You have an outdated, damaged or malfunctioning lock.
  • There has been burglary damage that must be repaired immediately.
  • You are locked out of your home or business premises.

It is of course still an object that is used regularly. You can go to the locksmith in Waalwijk for all problems you encounter with a lock. We ensure that a professional technician comes to you who has a lot of experience with various lock problems. This way you have the guarantee that every problem will be solved.

Do you want to know more? Then you can always consult our website for more information. Are you not quite sure or do you have a question for us? Do not hesitate and be sure to contact us. We are available for questions by telephone and e-mail, but you can also fill in and send the contact form that you will find on the website. Once we have received this, we will contact you as soon as possible. Problems, including with locks, are there to be solved and we are happy to be of service. Thanks to years of experience, we always know how to best tackle a lock problem.

Professional lock breaking Waalwijk

If you have a lock that no longer wants to open or if you have lost the key, it is best to call in the Waalwijk locksmith to open the lock for you. Our mechanics have a lot of experience with opening locks without a key and therefore always do this in a professional manner. Because they use special tools and work carefully, the lock is not damaged when opening. This way you can still use it afterwards provided the lock is otherwise in good condition. The locksmith can assess this for you.

  • Lock opens without damage
  • Each lock can be opened without a key
  • Professional use of tools

Opening a lock in Waalwijk

You can always use the services of the Waalwijk locksmith if you have a lock that no longer opens or if you have lost the key. Our technicians work in a professional manner and can always quickly open a lock for you. For example, are you locked out or can't find your keys? Then we are ready to help you with this problem. It is best to contact our emergency service for this. The technician is quickly on site (within 20 minutes) and can quickly open the lock for you.

It can just happen that the key breaks off in the lock when you want to take it out. To prevent further damage to the lock, immediately call in the locksmith Waalwijk for this problem. This can remove the last piece of the key from the lock for you and will not damage the lock itself. Because a bad lock can also be the cause of the key breaking, it is best to have the quality of the lock checked immediately by our mechanic. This way you know immediately whether it is still usable or whether it is better to replace it.

Are you afraid that you immediately need a new lock if the current one has to be opened by the locksmith in Waalwijk without a key? Then we can reassure you because this is not necessary, unless the lock itself is of poor quality. The door is also not damaged when opening the lock, so it does not need to be replaced. Our technicians always work as carefully as possible and ensure that the door and lock are not damaged. This way you will not be faced with extra work or costs.

Replacing locks in Waalwijk

Replacing locks in Waalwijk

Replacing a lock can always be done quickly and professionally by one of our technicians. They do this daily.

A lock can always be replaced immediately when the technician is with you. We have most of the locks that we install in homes in stock as standard, so you never have to make an extra appointment to have this installed. We always replace locks quickly and this is done in a professional manner so that the door or window where the lock comes in is not damaged. This way you can be sure that they do not need to be replaced.

Replace cylinder locks

Replace cylinder locks

Even though most cylinder locks last a long time, there comes a time when they also need to be replaced. The locksmith Waalwijk can do this for you.

A new cylinder lock is now standard equipped with a core pulling protection. This ensures that core pulling from the outside is made impossible. You can also have this security installed on an existing lock if the locks in your home are still good. This extra security has the same effect as a new cylinder lock. With an (extra) core pulling protection on a lock you are guaranteed to reduce the risk of burglary in your home or business.

Core pulling protection Waalwijk

Core pulling protection Waalwijk

A core pulling protection is now standard on a new cylinder lock, but you can also have it added to an existing lock as an extra.

Having a lock fitted with a core pulling protection is a good plan. The security consists of a metal fitting that is placed on the outside of the lock over the core. This prevents the core from being pulled out from this side by people with the wrong intentions. In this way, the fittings certainly contribute to the burglary protection of the building. You can always contact us if you want to know more about core pulling protection.

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn on Locksmith Waalwijk

Are you regularly away from home or do you not feel so safe when you are at home because there is no good burglary protection? Then call in the locksmith Waalwijk to better secure your home. Our technicians are well aware of the latest developments in security and can work with you to determine which security best suits your home.

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn on Locksmith Waalwijk

Compensation for damages

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

If there has been a break-in and the lock is damaged, have it replaced by the locksmith as soon as possible. It is also best to ask your insurance immediately whether the costs for the new lock are covered and what you have to do for this. There is a good chance that something will be reimbursed if you are insured against burglary.

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

Have you lost your keys during a night out and have they possibly fallen into the wrong hands? Then you can call in the locksmith Waalwijk to install a new lock, but it is best to also inform your insurer immediately whether the costs for the lock will be reimbursed. There is a good chance that this will also be done if you are insured against theft.

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

FAQs to Locksmith Waalwijk

People often ask the same questions to the locksmith Waalwijk. That is why we have put together frequently asked questions on the website. This is the fastest way to find a good answer.

  • Frequently asked questions are on the website
  • Always a quick answer
  • You can also ask questions via email, telephone or contact form
  • Always a solution for a lock problem
  • Experienced mechanics who know how to get things done
FAQs to Locksmith Waalwijk

What is the advantage of a core pulling protection?

When you choose a lock with a core pulling protection, a metal fitting on the outside of the lock is placed over the core. This ensures that the core can no longer be pulled out and contributes to the security of the building against burglary.

You can always call our emergency service when you are locked out. Because the technician will be on the road immediately after your call, he can be there within 20 minutes to help you. The lock can almost always be opened immediately.

This is very different. We have many locks in stock at the locksmith Waalwijk and they all have a different price. It is best to have a quotation made in advance so that you know what the lock and installation will cost you. We only install high quality security locks.

Yes, you can rest assured at locksmith Waalwijk that all locks that we install have been inspected in advance. The locks are safe and all have an SKG quality mark. This means that the lock is burglary resistant. You can see this by the star(s) on it.

Always call in a locksmith to solve this problem. This is because it can remove the remainder of the key from the lock without damaging it. In addition, the quality of the lock can be assessed immediately.

Constant From Waalwijk

The lock on the front door was no longer good, so the locksmith Waalwijk was called in. He immediately replaced the old lock, so super service.


Natasja from Waalwijk

We are building a new house so we need locks. Received good advice from the locksmith and a well-fitting locking plan was made.


Christel from Waalwijk

I wanted to have good security installed in my company against burglary. Had top advice and the security will be installed tomorrow by the locksmith Waalwijk.


Where can you find our locksmiths?

At the locksmith Waalwijk we are active in a not too large working area. Do you have a lock problem that needs to be rushed? Then we are always there to help you.

0416 - 23 51 31

Common lock problem in Waalwijk

If the lock in the door no longer opens or closes, the locksmith Waalwijk can solve this problem for you. The lock is always opened and checked for you without damage.


You can no longer enter because the key is on the lock on the inside. The locksmith Waalwijk can always open the lock for you and let you in again.


You want a new lock, but you are not sure which one fits the house. You can always get good advice from our technicians in advance so that you make the right choice.


Need a locksmith in the Waalwijk region?

Need a locksmith in the Waalwijk region?

0416 - 23 51 31